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To "environmental protection, safety, occupational health, social responsibility, the benefit of mankind" as its mission, dedication of high quality products, create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly homes. And strive to achieve the wisdom of chemistry, to achieve the mode of production, product mix, service and public responsibility of the great changes.

Realsun Chemical
No.9 Donghai Third Avenue, Toumengang New District, Linhai. Zhejiang 317016 China
Tel:+86-576-88312588 +86-576-88312598
Fax:+86-576-85589838 +86-576-88312589
Realsun Pharma
Add:Tashan Sanlu, Tashan industrial park, Leping, Jiangxi, China
Tel:+86-798-6702563, 6702895
European office
Add:lltisweg18,50354 Hurth,Germany
Tel:+49 1727527737
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